Jack o Lanterns!

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November 10, 2012 by another1bitesthecrust

We decided to carve pumpkins this year – we slacked last year. I had forgotten how fun it was. Since I can’t draw a straight line to save my life, we bought the little package of templates. Best choice ever!Image


Step 1: Cut off the top of the pumpkin at an angle so that the lid will stay properly when you put it back on. Otherwise it will fall through! (trust me on this one)



Step 2: Tape the template onto the pumpkin. I read online that it helps to dampen it with water or oil so that it curves with the pumpkin’s shape more easily. I dampened my kitchen sponge and just ran it over the template a few times. 

Then start to cut out the pieces you want the light to come through. In this case it’s the white areas but some templates are the opposite. I found it really helped to get a pilot hole by stabbing a paring knife straight down into the pumpkin on all sides of the white cut out parts. That way I could more easily get the carving knife in (it doesn’t have a pointed tip)



You can see the parts I cut out so far. I cut the left eyebrow too close to the left eye and had to tape it back together. I found it easiest to lay the pumpkin on its “back” so that the front where I was carving was facing straight up…a special thanks to Smudge for supervising me.



See the ugly tape? 😦



All done! We got awesome candles that actually screw into the base of the inside of the pumpkin to keep them upright. FYI – I was too eager this year and carved this about a week before Halloween. Just a few days later it was all sunken and rotted, I had to toss it before we could even use it for Halloween 😦

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